The days of cleaner air during lockdown might be behind us as people get back into their cars and traffic densities return to near pre lockdown levels but sales of e-scooters are surging as people realise the benefits they can bring.

E-scooter retailer Halfords has said they have experienced a 450% increase in demand over the last few weeks and this is on top of rising sales figures for the 20 weeks to August 21st during which sales of e-scooters and e-bikes rose 230%.

Halfords own research has shown that 53% of people surveyed felt that micromobility helps to ease congestion and 55% think they help the environment.

Halfords CEO Graham Stapleton recently commented “ you can legally drive your car or ride your bike – or even saddle up a horse – on the public highway so why not personal e-scooters?”

Currently, the use of personally owned e-scooters is illegal on UK roads but the government have allowed various trials of rental scooters in some parts of the country. These have been beset by reports of irresponsible riding, vandalism and riders abandoning the devices in inappropriate places after their rental has ended. has been advocating the legalisation of privately owned e-devices because these problems are less of an issue. An electric unicycle or e-scooter, whilst affordable, is not cheap and owners are more likely to behave in a responsible manner whilst using them.