Until the start of this month the chances of being stopped for riding your e-skateboard, e-scooter or EUC seemed pretty unlikely, and it was apparent that most police forces were adopting a policy of only stopping those who were riding irresponsibly. It is now apparent that there is a “crackdown” underway where riders behaving responsibly are also being targeted and in many cases are having their devices seized.

As we move into summer and CV-19 restrictions are ending more and more people are out and about and sadly vehicle use and pollution levels are almost back to pre lockdown levels. Stopping users of micromobility deceives who are not presenting a danger to others seems a rather counterintuitive move, sadly pushing people back into their cars.

Rideables.org’s Rob Hitch discusses the current crackdown on Electroheads with Riccardo of Carve, in particular how police attitudes have changed.