Our Guidelines

Community Guidelines for Responsible Riding

City traffic can be dangerous, so to ensure the safety of riders in public spaces, we strongly recommend the following guidelines before riding.

Road Safety

  • Wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.
  • Build up your confident level and riding experience on your own before going on public roads.
  • When on group rides, avoid pack mentality and be aware of your surroundings. For example, don’t blindly follow other riders or assume that the path ahead is safe. Obey road traffic signals and lights.
  • Hold out an arm in the direction that you’re turning to let riders behind you know; hold a fist above your head to signal stopping.
  • Remain cautious and don’t assume cars will stop for you.
  • Attach lights to your Rideables and/or helmet to be seen by others at night.

Riding Etiquette

  • Respect pedestrians and stop within reasonable distance.
  • Don’t abuse others via the use of whistles/horns.
  • If on group rides, share the responsibility of ensuring fellow riders aren’t left behind.
  • Split large groups up to minimise risk and ensure rider safety.
  • Always bring your device’s charger.
  • Avoid plugging too many chargers into wall outlets as they may blow a fuse.
  • If you’re riding with a group, share your location via Telegram, WhatsApp or other communication platforms. This will help you find the group if you are ever separated.