Police across London have seized over 500 electric scooters in just one week in June as part of a crackdown on the use of non rental e-scooters. E-scooter use on roads and pavements is not permitted in the UK, unless you rent the device as one of the e-scooter trials which is currently underway.

The police, who were previously allowed to use personal discretion and generally only stopped those riders behaving irresponsibly,  appear now to have been told to crack down on their use. There have been numerous pictures posted on social media of vehicle recovery trucks with one or two confiscated e-scooters on them and numerous police Twitter feeds with pictures of otherwise law abiding people being stopped on their way to work.

Rideables.org does not in any way condone or encourage breaking the law but we would like to ask “How is it right that you can have your device confiscated, face 6 points on your driving license and a several hundred pound fine for riding safely and responsibly ?”

The same electric scooters can be used perfectly legally on the same roads and cycle ways if they are part of a rental scheme. The only difference is one is privately owned whilst the other is rented.

Clive Shackleton, a 60 year old retired GP from Kettering was recently stopped whilst riding his e-scooter in a safe and responsible manner and now faces 6 points on his driving licence and a hefty fine. He has since stopped riding his e-scooter and now drives his car instead. How is this right?

Watch the interview with Clive on Electroheads – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PY4fDfue71E

Help with legal costs for legal defence fund – https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/e-scooter–crack-down/