Electric Unicycle Competency

At Rideables we believe the competency of riders is of prime importance in building a safer and more accepted mode of transport in our cities and towns. Our list of competencies helps to grade riders and give them feedback on their general skill level.

This list is by no means exhausitve and we will continually update it as applicable.


Level 1

  • Understand the basic components of an EUC
  • Maintain control of your Electric Unicycle with one foot whilst dismounting with the other
  • Self mount reliably
  • Travel long distance in a straight line (1 mile+)
  • Make tight radius turns while maintaining full control of your EUC
  • Bring the device to a full stop from 15mph (25Kmh) whilst maintaining full control on uneven surfaces
  • Able to ride at speed of 15.5mph and as low as 5kph for 1 mile and above
  • Passed the Rideables Competency Test

Level 2

  • Advanced stopping technique such as the one legged semi circle technique
  • Able to ride 20 miles or more without a break on group rides
  • Ride your Electric unicycle on trails and BMX pump tracks competently