E-scooters – why the delay with private ownership use? is not alone in being mystified at the way in which the UK govt is going about the legalisation process for PLEV (Personal Light Electric Vehicles). At present the UK government have authorised a number of trials for rental escooters in various parts of...

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A Missed Opportunity

Micromobility market predicted to be worth $150 billion in europe by 2030. The UK needs to act now to avoid missing out on this opportunity.

Effective mobility for people with injuries and disabilities.

By Rob Hitch More people around the world are recognising Rideables as an easily implementable and effective way of tackling congestion and climate change. What many people do not realise, is that Rideables may be able to replace mobility scooters for people with...

Electric Scooters Could Reduce City Journey Times

A new study by Inrix has concluded that the use of micromobility devices (electric scooters, electric bikes and electric unicycles) could be quicker for short city journeys than cars in up to 70% of cases

London Air Pollution Breaks Legal Limits

According to government statistics within the UK around 83% of the population live in urban areas. Pollution and poor air quality have an adverse effect on the health and wellbeing of those living in our towns and cities. The UK and the European Union publish limits...