About Us

Our Background

The micromobility industry in the UK is still in its infancy but along with electric cars there is a significant growth pattern. As consumers move away from fossil fuel powered transportation and climate issues become more important, micromobility devices (Rideables) provide substantial opportunity for a new era in transportation.

At Rideables.org we are committed to electric transportation in all its forms and we enjoy using Rideables for our personal use.

Who We Represent


Rideables owners

If you own a Rideable we aim to improve legislation and regulations to help you with safety and accessibility on the roads.


Rideables Manufacturers

If you are looking to design and sell Rideables for use in the UK market our specialist knowledge and expertise can help you.


Rideables enthusiasts

We represent people interested in Rideables across the UK and help to encourage awareness and usage of micromobility devices.


Government & Industry

We aim to develop understanding and awareness of Rideables in local and national Government by introducing best practices and guidelines.