Join the Rideables Revolution PLEVUK LIMITED) is an organisation working to promote the safety, legality and infrastructure for micromobility devices such as Electric Skateboards, Electric Scooters, and Electric Unicycles.

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A new way to travel

Our aim is to promote safety, legality and infrastructure for micromobility devices (Rideables) across the UK. We aim to encourage the usage of Rideables through the use of guidelines, standard practice and legislation.

By promoting micromobility devices and developing awareness of them we are looking to achieve further development and accessibility across the UK.

Always Moving Forwards

Why Rideables?

They are fun!
Forget about being cramped in a dirty carriage or stuck in traffic. Rideables are your very own vision of the future. Fast, nippy and they are sure to turn heads wherever you use them.
Low cost
Rideables are naturally small and portable which means their cost is accessible to everyone. You don’t have to have a big budget to get electric now.
Help reduce congestion
Because they are so small Rideables hardly add anything to existing traffic. Infact, as you will be able to travel wherever you want without needing your big, dirty car they help to reduce congestion in the city too.
Good for the environment
Everyone wants to live in a clean city with good air and no pollution. Rideables are electric and so don’t pump out harmful CO2. They are also very economical and designed to go on for ages.

Our Team Goals

What we do?


Equipment recommendations

We can help provide guidance and expert knowledge on the correct equipment for you and your Rideables.


Individual riding guidelines

Guidelines for individual riding in the city and about town, including safety and health information.


Group riding guidelines

Information on using your Rideables within a group riding setting including Rideables etiquette and keeping safe together.

Public charging use

Information about public charging of your Rideables such as where to charge it, how and how often.

Development of infrastructure

Liaising with local and national bodies to improve facilities for Rideables owners and the emerging market.


Product testing and certification

Developing a reliable and trusted process for the testing and certification of Rideables in the UK.

Find Out What Is Happening

From the Rideables community interview on GB news 07 11 21

Michael Quintana of interviewed on GB News after calls this week to ban e-scooters from the London tube network.

Legalise e-scooters to reduce car use

Legalise e-scooters to reduce car use

The Centre for London think tank published its report titled "Micromobility in London" on Thursday. The report looks at how "emerging vehicles" could benefit the capital and reduce car use. The report called on the government to completely legalise e-scooters to...

UK Fuel Shortage – An Opportunity for Micromobility?

UK Fuel Shortage – An Opportunity for Micromobility?

With the current UK HGV driver shortage could this be an opportunity for micromobility? At the start of the pandemic, it was estimated that there were about 200,000 privately owned devices in the UK. Sales boomed during the pandemic with Halfords and others reporting...